Senkeresty Family

January 2010 2010/01/01

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Princess Flowerhead

I know kung-fu

Hope it doesn’t stay like that

matching hat

important to keep your head dry... in the shower



Captain Smiley

Sad Sk8r


Nice shoes.


October 2009 2009/10/01

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Gee, Queue!

Nudge, Nudge

Nekked Pumpkining

My favorite Indian

Mads in the Box

Getting read to sing with his class

Slyly eating Santa’s cookies

New "pretty" in her hair

Christmas Excitement

Flower Hat

Raaarrrrrrrrr! (with beard)


Nice Painting

Less-Nice Painting


September 2009 2009/09/01

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You want me to do *what* ?

OOoohh! Smile and Look Cute? Got it.

Feather Tai Chi


Soccer. With a basketball. And fireman boots.

Being very modest

No hands

The Michael Jordan of Swinging

Skrunchy Nose



Maybe he is pointing to where he left his pants?

Beet Tongue (garden fresh beets at that!)

xboxin’ and looking crazy old.

Garden fresh stabbing instrument

Can I help you with something?

Sitting on her new bed! Our baby is out of the crib! (sniff!)



August 2009 2009/08/01

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I can see the resemblance here... to Leanne 🙂

Sparkler’s with mommy’s help

Harry’s seldom discussed younger brother... Brendan Potter

Farmer Brendan


Put the camera down. And back away slowly. Maybe you live. Maybe.

Water War

Pure Joy.

Slippin’ n’ Slidin’... or posing. You decide.


Pretty weed!

Brendan Pele Senkeresty

Freaks in the Hood


July 2009 2009/07/01

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Blue Tongue Power!

Even my adorableness is adorable

Madeline isn’t eating the smore, she is showing her smore love, by kissing it.

If you want a clever quote for this photo... ask Leanne. She made me put this photo in here.

Skater McAwesome

If you are gonna run... run proud.

Watching Brendan be awesome

Airborne celebration of awesomeness

Madeline -- wanting to be more awesome

Father’s Daughter.

Tractoring with Uncle Chris

Boating with cousins Connor and Zack

Epic Warfare!


What? I can’t ride the dog in my cutie cute dress?


June 2009 2009/06/01

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40 pounds of pure man

30 pounds of mostly cutie pie



The best medicine (other than... medicine)

Poor Baby Girl

Poor Baby Boy

I give you this present... of sand




Showing off her cute belly

Happy that the 6 days of Seattle Summer are upon us!

Apparently ran out of gas...

King of the Moutain

With daddy on the wacky swing

Oh Noes! I’m lost!


May 2009 2009/05/01

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This is only considered bad hair...

... if you haven’t seen this example.

Learning about Soccer

Teeter Totter with Daddy

Easter Hunters


A small easter mess

Helping Sister on the Swings

Joining her in the fun

Brendan Blowing Bubbles

Check out the Pig Tails! Cute, No?

(insert clever description here)

Actually... yes. Every outfit involves pink.

Inspecting the Ant Farm

Playing the Park

Fireman Preparation


Thing 2

Sunday Drive (Note Potato Box in background!)

Do I have anything on my face?

About as quiet as he gets really...