Senkeresty Family

December 2004 2004/12/01

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Grandpa Senkeresty... making sure the baby who will continue the family name is healthily fed.

Scott and Brendan are terribly sleepy after their Thanksgiving meal

It's playtime!

Catching a rare glimpse of the Seattle sun

Only 7 weeks old, and has already figured out the perfect thumb sucking technique.

All snuggled up for a ride, and weighing in at an impressive 10lbs 13oz!

Taking a little nap in the sun with mommy

Well sure, Grandma Donna's head is chopped off. But it's not the Donna page is it? No! It's the Brendan page!

Brendan shows the pure ecstasy associated with a kiss from mom.

Okay, okay, maybe he does like the Mommy

Cute sleepy baby? Check. Great advertising for Graco? Check.


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